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029 2089 0397

Emma Wood

Parent Governor

I have been a parent at the school since September 2014 when the eldest of my two children joined Craig y Parc at three years of age.

My desire to be part of Craig y Parc’s Governing Body derives from being a hands-on parent to a special needs child and a genuine interest in school improvement at all levels. I have a Diploma in Higher Education and have previously worked in compliance. My background is embedded in complaints which has held me in good stead when acquiring equipment and/or provisions to help meet my child’s needs. After Cory’s first year, I realised how important it was for me to help him reach his fullest potential and in doing so I am actively involved in all his therapies which has now become a particular interest of mine.

I enjoy seeing the school go from strength to strength and see the pupils benefiting from the many experiences offered; therefore, I have recently opted to become a Trustee for ‘Friends of Craig y Parc’ and hope to add much value.

As a Parent Governor I aim to help direct and support the vision and growth of the school, ensuring “all-round” development and education for each and every child.