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029 2089 0397

Judit Molnar


I am a Peto trained conductor/teacher working and living in the UK for the last 21 years.

At present I teach KS4 students at Craig-y-Parc School. I am also involved in undergraduate students training as a practice tutor for conductive education. As a conductor I have 31 years’ experience working with students with Cerebral Palsy and related motor disorders with a variety of age groups ranging from early years through to adult.

My profession is my passion and I strongly believe that an open approach, as well as observing other methods and mixing other professional’s experience with my own can move Conductive Education forward. There is no doubt in my mind that those that receive this holistic approach will benefit.

I am very keen on constantly expanding my own knowledge having previously studied Basic Rebound Therapy as well as Reflexology, which I then implement into my everyday work.

As a member of the school governors, I am supporting and working with the team for the last 3 years and contribute to the governance of the school. I represent the views of the teaching staff and bringing the staff perspective to the meetings, helping to make some real positive improvement, which will impact for our students learning and development.