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Each package is tailored to the individual needs of the young person

Respite / Shortbreaks

At our residential children’s home, Tŷ Cwtch, we ensure the children and young people we support get the most from every experience. Tŷ Cwtch can accommodate up to 16 young people at a time in two-bedded bedrooms and the rooms are personalised by the young person who occupies them (single occupancy is available).

We offer a variety of packages, each tailored to the individual needs of the young person. Whether you require all year accommodation or are here for short breaks, you can enjoy the same level of personalisation, interaction and choice of fun activities.

If Short Breaks is not part of your funding agreement, it may be self-funded or funded through direct payments.

Available to children not attending Craig y Parc school

You do not have to attend Craig y Parc School to be offered a short break placement at Tŷ Cwtch. For those staying for short breaks and not accessing the Craig y Parc education service, we will work closely with the young person and their key people to ensure opportunities for educational development are maximised.

Evenings and weekends offer a valuable time for relaxation and opportunities for a variety of fun leisure experiences, both scheduled and spontaneous. Each young person is encouraged and assisted to find out what they enjoy. These activities are fundamental to the individual’s development of their identity and self-esteem.

Please see our Tŷ Cwtch and Accommodation pages for more information on our residential services.