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Admissions and Assessment

At Craig y Parc School and Tŷ Cwtch we have the advantage of being able to offer young people the opportunity to access care, support and education by providing a home and school facility on the same site. We provide individual programmes and learning pathways for young people requiring both day and residential services.

Admissions are only made following an assessment process.

Please read our full school admissions policy on our Policies page.

• Following visiting our service consultations are made with the referring agency, the young person concerned and, where possible, significant family members.  

• Assessments of the young person are undertaken within their current home and school environment with discussions with parents, carers and other professionals involved with the young person. 

• Following the agreement that the young person’s needs can be met, a place will be formally offered and if agreed a transition plan will be implemented. This will be guided by the needs and support required for the young person. 

• A Service Level Agreement is formulated which will include an individual care, health and education plan as well as any special medical or therapy requirements.

• Health and well-being is an important factor of any placement and we ensure that the needs of each young person is included as part of the individual care planning process. 

• Prior to a young person becoming resident, a meeting will be held with the young person, parents, carers, health professionals and persons involved in meeting the young person’s needs to ensure the Care Plan and placement can be implemented.

Please do contact the school or Tŷ Cwtch for any enquiries, to arrange a visit or discuss the admissions process.