The latest from each of our classes

April 20, 2018

1. Sensory Motor Class:

In SMC we have started the new term very well and are becoming a united and happy team! We have been very busy doing lots of fun activities such as Tac Pac and Touch Trust sessions. We are also artistic and creative in this class and have been painting with brushes, sponges and our fingers to create some colourful and educational new displays in our lovely classroom.

In addition to this, our students have been working very hard on their physical programmes. We love to be outside and enjoy visiting the greenhouse and our beautiful school grounds. We’re particularly interested in the changes that happen in nature during Autumn, so we went out to collect leaves of various bright colours. Last week we had a memorable trip out to Roath Park and next week we intend to go to Cosmeston Lakes – we can’t wait!

2. Hedgehogs Class:

In our Foundation Phase Early Years setting, we focus on topic-based learning activities. We really enjoy accessing our outdoor Learning Environment, making a good use of our School’s rural setting.

We will start our new Autumn Term with the Topic of Celebrations and learning about Ourselves.

Within this theme we will be looking at celebrations from around the World including: Harvest, Jewish New Year, Diwali, Halloween and Christmas.

During our play-based Sensory activities all students are encouraged to use all their senses to actively explore their environment. We are a very active class and work hard on developing our gross, fine motor and self-care skills. Our daily physical programme takes us to the rebound room, sensory room, swimming pool, horse riding and around the school on our bikes. We visited the Synagogue in Cardiff where we learned about the Jewish faith and explored important artefacts.

3. Ladybirds Class:

Our busy Ladybirds have worked hard during the assessment weeks. They have been real stars, remembering lots of skills. Next week we are going to explore Autumn through our senses and learn about Harvest. Following this we will visit the magical world of Witches and Wizards via stories and fun learning activities.

4. Owls Class:

All students have settled back to school. The ‘Shakespeare’ group have started rehearsing the play: Much Ado About Nothing. The group are very excited to be going to a workshop to Riverside Theatre, Newport in early October!

All students did really well with Maths and English Assessments in the last 2 weeks and decorated their common room using their ideas! We have also been looking at transition and options for the future which has included a trip to National Star College in Cheltenham.

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