Designing a ball gown fit for a princess

March 16, 2022

This week, one of our students at Craig y Parc School was given the task of designing ball gown dresses for a princess. The colour blue, being the colour of the week, was to be used. The colour scheme for both dresses was pink and blue. C used a female body cut out and went to the arts and crafts cupboard to find materials for the dresses, such as coloured and glittery paper.

C’s first ball gown design involved some very intricate hand work i.e. folding paper into ruffles and sticking them to the model. She had to layer them down the dress.
For the second ball gown, she cut frills at the bottom of the dress for a slightly different affect, using scissors, with support, to cut the paper. C added gloves, jewellery and a tiara, using glue.

Both ball gowns were truly beautiful and perfect for a princess. Well Done.

Dress created by students at Craig Y Parc School

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