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Hello everyone, firstly let me say how delighted I am to have been appointed as Principal at Craig Y Parc. I am now an honorary Welshman and looking forward to the next exciting stage of the journey for CyP and Ambito.

I began my professional life as a teaching assistant and residential social worker in Birmingham back in the early 90s. I loved my time there and decided to make a career in education. I trained at Bath and began life as a Science teacher. I worked in Birmingham and Coventry over the following decade, in day and residential special schools and was part of LA teams supporting failing schools.

In 2007 I took up my first headship, I joined a school in Surrey which had been in difficulties long term – with a really committed and hardworking team we were able to move the school to being ‘Good with outstanding features’ and most importantly to be the school that young people and parents wanted the most in the county (against 22 competitors).

For the last 3 years I have been working for myself supporting schools in challenging circumstances from Exeter to York.

Cardiff is now my home and I am looking forward to working with the great team here at Craig Y Parc to make us even more amazing and the ‘go to’ school for young people with physical and medical needs in the south west of England.

Calvert Trust Trip Mon, 10 Jun 2019 16:11:32 +0000

“What has been your highlight of Calvert Trust?”


As an outsider you might expect to hear stories about the magnificent setting; the rolling hills and luscious countryside. Or the timetable of exciting activities, all made accessible to their visitors, regardless of abilities or challenges. And yes, these are the features that make Calvert Trust such an attractive option for our leavers. But are they the highlights that keep us returning year after year?

Or, is it the moment you observe a student come out of their shell and find their voice? The moment you see a student independently developing friendships with students from another school? Or the moment you watch a student lift her head up and take in the environment around her?

Yes, we all know the students well enough to know their strengths and limitations, but we can’t always predict how they will react outside of the education and residential setting. And perhaps it’s these reactions and responses that become the highlights for us as staff, and maybe, sometimes subconsciously, for the students themselves.

Of course, it’s incredible to witness our young people participating in activities deemed to be beyond their capabilities. Abseiling off cliffs, canoeing around lakes and problem solving their way around a challenge course. But it’s what takes place in between these activities that feature in our answers to the question, “What has been your highlight of Calvert Trust?”

A student learning how to pot a snooker ball, while standing on his own two feet, instead of relying on the comfort of his wheelchair. And then using these skills to take on the role of alpha male when interacting with boys from anther group. A student having a go at making her own coffee and her own breakfast. A student taking the time to notice another and dance with her. An introvert lifting her head to the sun and experiencing the breeze from the lake, as she sits with her legs crossed in a canoe, beaming at the world around her.

These snapshots are the highlights of Calvert Trust.

Written by Suzanne Grieve, Team Manager

5* for our Kitchen! Thu, 02 May 2019 15:03:42 +0000 On the 3/4/2019 Craig y Parc School had a surprise Environmental Health Inspection, I am very pleased to announce that we have successfully maintained our 5 Star rating. A big well done to my Team for keeping up our high standard of Food Hygiene.

Lynne Foulkes
Catering Manager

Bright Sparks Awards Tue, 02 Apr 2019 09:57:18 +0000 Ty Cwtch resident Leon attended the Bright Sparks Awards in October, along with family and friends. He received an award for “overcoming Adversity” in recognition of the amount of challenges he has faced throughout his life, from living in foster care, to full time residential care plus his numerous health issues. His foster brother Gareth went up to receive the award from the stage and presented it to Leon, both were delighted!

Former Pupil back in the class room! Fri, 28 Sep 2018 07:48:26 +0000

Sam left Craig y Parc School as a pupil in August 2013. Upon leaving school, he continued his education at Bridgend College as a residential student. During his first year at the college, he undertook a Work Skills course, and then, overcoming difficult personal circumstance, including health issues and a family bereavement, he completed a Level 1 Diploma in IT over 2 years.

Sam applied for a Learning Support Assistant post at Craig y Parc School, and following a successful interview, he secured a position. Sam has now been working at Craig y Parc for around 18 months alongside Zsuzsa, one of his previous teachers.

Sam is a great example of what can be achieved, and he keen to share his experiences and to mentor students within his new role.

Farewells to our 5 leavers Tue, 01 May 2018 10:34:47 +0000 The start of a fun-filled term of farewells was provided to our 5 leavers at Craig y Parc School in early May, as they embarked on the annual residential trip to the Calvert Trust in Exmoor.

Students were accompanied on the trip by a mixture of care, education, therapy and healthcare staff, and a great time was had by all! Each and every student enjoyed the activities provided by the centre, which ranged from horse riding and archery, to forestry biking and challenge courses.

It was fantastic to see each student bloom and develop their confidence and independence in such a great atmosphere and environment.

The latest from each of our classes Fri, 20 Apr 2018 12:54:52 +0000

1. Sensory Motor Class:

In SMC we have started the new term very well and are becoming a united and happy team! We have been very busy doing lots of fun activities such as Tac Pac and Touch Trust sessions. We are also artistic and creative in this class and have been painting with brushes, sponges and our fingers to create some colourful and educational new displays in our lovely classroom.

In addition to this, our students have been working very hard on their physical programmes. We love to be outside and enjoy visiting the greenhouse and our beautiful school grounds. We’re particularly interested in the changes that happen in nature during Autumn, so we went out to collect leaves of various bright colours. Last week we had a memorable trip out to Roath Park and next week we intend to go to Cosmeston Lakes – we can’t wait!

2. Hedgehogs Class:

In our Foundation Phase Early Years setting, we focus on topic-based learning activities. We really enjoy accessing our outdoor Learning Environment, making a good use of our School’s rural setting.

We will start our new Autumn Term with the Topic of Celebrations and learning about Ourselves.

Within this theme we will be looking at celebrations from around the World including: Harvest, Jewish New Year, Diwali, Halloween and Christmas.

During our play-based Sensory activities all students are encouraged to use all their senses to actively explore their environment. We are a very active class and work hard on developing our gross, fine motor and self-care skills. Our daily physical programme takes us to the rebound room, sensory room, swimming pool, horse riding and around the school on our bikes. We visited the Synagogue in Cardiff where we learned about the Jewish faith and explored important artefacts.

3. Ladybirds Class:

Our busy Ladybirds have worked hard during the assessment weeks. They have been real stars, remembering lots of skills. Next week we are going to explore Autumn through our senses and learn about Harvest. Following this we will visit the magical world of Witches and Wizards via stories and fun learning activities.

4. Owls Class:

All students have settled back to school. The ‘Shakespeare’ group have started rehearsing the play: Much Ado About Nothing. The group are very excited to be going to a workshop to Riverside Theatre, Newport in early October!

All students did really well with Maths and English Assessments in the last 2 weeks and decorated their common room using their ideas! We have also been looking at transition and options for the future which has included a trip to National Star College in Cheltenham.

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