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Key Stage 1-4 

Our key stage 1-4 students are taught within small classes of between four and six pupils grouped according to age and ability. Staffing within classes means that a learning programme is created specifically related to the pupil’s needs.

Pupils are taught within a topic-based curriculum allowing teachers to focus on activities that engage pupil’s interests whilst also covering the main national curriculum areas.

At Craig y Parc School, we have 4 key learning phases:

  • The Foundation Phase is for ages 3-7, this is the Hedgehogs and the Ladybirds classes.
  • The School Curriculum phase is for pupils between 7-14 years old, this is the Owls class.
  • The Learning pathway is for 14-19-year olds, this is the Wise Owls class.
  • The Sensory Motor Class is the Bees class.