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Key Stage 1-4 

Our key stage 1-4 students are taught within small classes of pupils grouped according to age and ability. Our high staffing ratio enables us to create pupil specific learning programmes that are tailored to their individual learning and developmental needs.

Pupils are taught within a topic-based curriculum allowing teachers to focus on activities that engage pupil’s interests whilst also covering the main national curriculum areas. Our curriculum is a key vehicle to delivering therapeutic interventions and life skills development.

At Craig y Parc School, we have 4 key learning phases:

  • The Foundation Phase is for ages 3-7, this is the Hedgehogs and the Ladybirds classes.
  • The School Curriculum phase is for pupils between 7-14 years old, this is the Owls class.
  • The Learning pathway is for 14-19-year olds, this is the Wise Owls class.
  • The Sensory Motor Class is the Bees class.