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At Craig y Parc School, we directly employ physiotherapists who work with the children and young people within each department throughout their school day to support with accessing curriculum areas.

Physiotherapy helps to optimise movement and function through promoting active movement, developing range of movement in joints and muscles, building strength, balance and improving posture.

Physiotherapists work with all age groups, working closely with each child/young adult and their family, in liaison with NHS and/or private Physiotherapists. Each child/young adult will have specific aims to target their main areas of need and help them to achieve their goals, which should be reviewed and evaluated regularly, with programmes in place to help enable progress.

Physiotherapists also assist in the assessment, review and adjustment of specialist equipment to aid a child/young adult’s movement and function e.g. standing frames, walking frames, orthotics (such as ankle/foot splints) and postural management equipment.

At Craig y Parc School physiotherapists work closely with other therapists such as Occupational Therapists and Speech and Language Therapists, as well as with Nurses, Teachers and Support Workers, to enable Physiotherapy to be effectively integrated into each individual’s day through a trans-disciplinary team approach.