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Post 16 

As Pupils approach the age of 16, change plays a significant part in life both socially and in education. We recognise that transition can be both exciting and stressful.

A transition to 14-19 curriculum moves pupils from basic learning skills to preparing for life beyond school and involves the pupil, families/carers and professionals.

Our post 16 curriculum also promotes greater self-awareness, self-esteem and independence. Independent skills are given a high priority and all pupils are supported to develop communication skills and work cooperatively within the classroom. Where possible we also support pupils to achieve recognised qualifications from WJEC, GCSE and entry level, personalised AQA units and ASDAN.

Sensory Motor Communication (SMC)

A high level of sensory and motor needs are encompassed within the SMC classes. The curriculum is topic based and works on core skills, following a sensory programme with a specific focus on communication, physical and independent skills.

Our SMC post 16 pupils work on gaining ASDAN accreditation certificates.